Understanding Social Anxiety Symptoms of SAD Checklist

Check all of the following that applies in social situations that trigger anxiety for you.

Physical Symptoms

___ Increase in heart-rate
___ Sweating
___ Feeling dizzy
___ Muscle tension or twitching (eye twitching or involuntary movement)
___ Dry throat and mouth
___ Upset stomach – nausea, gastric distress
___ Tearing up or crying
___ Flushing or hives
___ Clenching fists, jaw, etc.
___ Bouncing, tapping or shaking leg, feet, pen, fingers, etc.
___ Shaking or trembling

Emotional Symptoms

___ Excessive fear or worry
___ Feeling ‘nervous’
___ Anxiety attack (difficulty breathing, tightness in the chest, etc.)
___ Obsessive concern about the red or sweaty face, sweaty hands, splotches on face or chest
___ Negative thoughts, rumination or catastrophizing that lead(s) to feeling overwhelmed

Behavioral Symptoms

___ Playing it small to escape the limelight
___ Using social media and gaming to avoid physical contact
___ Dropping out to avoid interacting with others at work or school
___ Compulsive eating or binge eating
___ Avoiding eating in public or in front of others
___ Stop attending social activities due to excessive worry, fear, or dread of embarrassment
___ Self-medicating with alcohol or other drugs, especially at social functions
___ Speaking very fast, abruptly, or interrupting when attending social activities

Write any other symptoms you experience, including unhelpful thoughts: